7.6. Talent Management Software Solutions

Software for Talent Management: How do talent development professionals use software to capture, store, and share data from components of the talent management systems to best inform organizational goals? What are the critical functions of the talent development professionals should know from talent management software, specifically to retrieve individual, group, and organizational data from these systems? (AOE 7. Integrated Talent Management; 7.6. Talent Management Software Solutions)

AOE 7. Integrated Talent Management; 7.6. Talent Management Software Solutions
Where and how do you organize and manage all of the data around talent development? Technology solutions, of course!

Learning Objectives:
  • Categorize the technological capabilities of talent management software
  • List strategies for keeping up-to-date with emerging technologies
  • Describe steps to evaluate new technologies
The opportunities and affordances for talent management systems (TMS) encourage data collection for career development, coaching, feedback, and professional learning related to employee competencies, training effectiveness, onboarding practices, employees’ interests, performance management, and succession planning. 

EXAMPLE: Talent Management Platforms for 2019 via Solutions Review

This data and information can identify learning and/or performance gaps to outline what is needed in the workforce or organization. TMS can also help identify if/when training is needed, and keep track for training/learning records for employees related to industry reports, books, research, and evidence from the talent development field. 

If you are preparing to invest in or upgrade a TMS or software, consider the following four steps when you evaluate a product/system:
  1. Determine what functionality the organization needs in its talent management software. 
  2. Determine what each supplier provides. What data and information can be inputed & exported from this TMS?
  3. Talk with peers about their experiences working with different suppliers & do your research
  4. Ask selected suppliers to provide a demo or pilot period - ask for RFPs, examples, & experiences
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What are your "must have" requirements for a talent management system? What features are requirements for your TMS technology solution?

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