7.5. Talent Management Analytics

Analytics for Talent Management: How do you manage and update large amounts and a variety of employee data? How can talent development professional use analytics to gain insight into and improve individual and organizational performance? (AOE 7. Integrated Talent Management; 7.5. Talent Management Analytics)

AOE 7. Integrated Talent Management; 7.5. Talent Management Analytics
If you are not collecting and analyzing your talent development data -- your missing out on key performance indicators and understanding how they meet individual and organizational goals. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Outline learner data available through talent management databases
  • List the methods for capturing learner data
  • Compare the methods of analyzing learner data to be used in decision-making
Talent Management Analytics describes the use of talent data and information to improve business performance, predict turnover, measure the impact of leadership development programs, and determine the effectiveness of onboarding programs or just-in-time training solutions. The data available will be based on the tools being used and could include basic statistics, such as the number of learners attending training, or correlations between course content and performance. If collected and measured well, talent analytics can inform and offer direction to employees to support their career development paths and offer insights for the business goals. The impact of learning and other talent development offerings may impact to the organization’s bottom line -- but how can you know if you are not measuring this.

“Only 21% of HR leaders believe their organizations are effective at using talent data to inform business decisions.” ~Gartner (2019)

Learner data can be captured in a variety of ways to measure and assess talent development. Whether its an end of workshop survey, online course questionnaire, focus group, or 1:1 follow up with a manager, here are a few common methods for analyzing learner data:
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Book referenced in this episode: Employee Training & Development, 7th Ed. by Raymond Noe (2017)

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