2.11. Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies: How do instructional designers make choices about learning technologies for performance solutions and effective training strategies? (AOE 2. Instructional Design; 2.11. Learning Technologies) Connect with the podcast host on Twitter: @laurapasquini Or LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurapasquini/ Are you studying for the CPLP? Want more learning & performance ideas?

2.11. Learning Technologies

Learning Objective for Section 2.11.: List at least three strategies for keeping up-to-date regarding learning technologies

Similar to the previous episode 2.10. about Selecting Delivery Options and Media, it will be critical to make the most appropriate and effective choices for technologies for learning. There are a number of options for methods, media, and ways to deliver training/learning solutions; however, not all technologies will be suitable for your employees/professionals. Not all training settings or organizational set ups will require high-tech solutions for learning, and it will be context and learning participant dependent as well.

Knowledge of Learning Technologies and Support Systems
It is critical to get to know a few things, with regards to technology, which include:
  • Understand the learning technologies currently in use within the organization & the potential capability to expand
  • Collaborate and cultivate relationships with the company’s information technology professionals to help you identify software/hardware options available for training
  • Explore and educate yourself on emerging technologies used in learning and training environments in industry and education -- specifically applications, use, and practical strategies for learning development/design
Here are a few suggestions of where and how to stay connected to learning technologies within talent development from the CPLP training system:
And beyond these organizations, there are a number of professional associations, organizations, and networked communities to access, share, and find learning technologies for training and instructional design in K-12, higher ed, etc. -- here are my “go to” to get you started:
Ahead, we’ll talk more about learning technologies in AOE #6 Managing Learning Programs, Section 6.2. Learning Technologies and Support Systems -- stay tuned! 

How do you stay connected to learning technologies for training and instructional design? Let me know! Share your suggestions on what to read, watch, follow, or connect to online to continue my knowledge on the topic.
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